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RICHARD WOLF Blending Borescope Kit

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<RICHARD WOLF manufactures borescopes specifically designed for the inspection of aircraft engines.&nbsp; RICHARD WOLF borescopes have earned their excellent reputation for unsurpassed quality and durability.  This has resulted in the RICHARD WOLF borescopes being specified, recommended and approved by nearly all engine manufacturers and are widely used by the leading operators to inspect aircraft engines.

Cooperation with manufacturers of jet engines and operators has lead not only to the development of optical tools which offer the maximum in resolution and brightness, but also the introduction of the RICHARD WOLF Blending Borescope, a new device which is a valuable asset to engineers responsible for safe and cost efficient engine operation.

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Engine Removal Due to FOD

Working Principle

Blending Borescope Kits Consists of a variety of tools which vary in type, shape and length and are designed for each engine individually. Matches to any current source between 100 - 240 VAC and 50 - 400 Hz. Are all included in the Basic Kit and carrying case. Incorporates motor handle with remote control, steering device for the tip and the optical system. Has been designed and optimized specifically for the observation of the blending process. Light cables can be connected via a standard light plug. The Richard WOLF eyepiece allows for attachment of nearly any video equipment. Among all operators it is well known that Un scheduled Engine Removal (UER) is a costly but unavoidable procedure In their daily work. Even the highest standards in design and manufacture of modern jet engines as well as in maintaining them cannot protect the engines from external damage. One of the reasons for an UER is Foreign Object Damage (FOD) of the engine blades, e.g., in the High Pressure Compressor (HPC).

Until now, when FOD has occurred, there was no way to correct the damage other than taking the engine off wing and disassembling it. The damaged blades were replaced, the engine had to be re-assembled and run in the test cell. Everyone is well aware of the time, effort and money which is involved in this procedure.
The Richard WOLF Blending Scope is built like a traditional borescope. Its shaft is inserted through one of the standard borescope ports with the tool extended. To engage the blending tip, just position it at about 90°. A motor drives the tip up to several thousand rpm. The blending process is observed through a high resolution optical lens system either by direct vision through the eyepiece (Richard WOLF standard) or via any standard industrial video camera system. A wide range of tools for cutting, grinding, polishing and brushing are available in different lengths and can be fitted to the unique patented miniature drive tool. The Richard WOLF Blending Scope is an all- rigid design which enables the user to exert the working force directly on the damaged object and to "feel" the blending process. No loss occurs from flexible parts. For optimum vision the optical system can be moved with in the shaft. Tools can be changed within a few seconds without affecting the optical sys tem, and are secured in a positive manner against loss in the engine.
The Richard WOLF Blending Scope offers a variety of technical advantages:
  • High precision handling
  • Unsurpassed Richard WOLF image quality
  • Ideal field of view
  • Different tools for optimum efficiency
  • Simple tool change
  • Working angle adjustable for optimum access
  • Simple way of measuring damage and blending result
  • Observation position adjustable for different tool lengths
  • RPM adjustable
  • Simple design, small size, light weight
  • Can be used with and without video
  • Compatible to all standard borescope equipment


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