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The panoramic borescope is used to inspect the surfaces of hydraulic or pneumatic cylinders or other cylindrical parts.
The panoramic prism allows the whole 360° circumference of a cylinder to be inspected. There is no need to rotate the borescope or the part. Inner surfaces, cross holes and grooves can be checked for faults or burrs at a glance.
When attached to a television system, this Borescope is suitable for serial inspection of cylinders. In conjunction with a WOLF RIWO lens, the borescope can be adapted to fil any normal commercially available video camera with a C-mount lens connector.

Richard Wolf GMBH  · Applications  · Notable Advantages  · Features of The WOLF Borescopes  · High Quality Keeping Costs to A Minimum  · Basic Equipment

Richard Wolf GMBH
Progress and achievement in Industrial inspection equipment

The highest quality without compromise can only be achieved when a company is permanently open to new ideas and innovations. Richard WOLF has been manufacturing a wide range of industrial and medical endoscopes for aver 80 years with outstanding quality. Our quality and innovations have been recognized worldwide not only with many awards and patents granted for our designs but, most importantly, by the trust our customers place in our equipment.

Technoscopes - borescopes manufactured by Richard WOLF - are precision test and inspection tools employed to examine internal structures in manufacturing processes, quality control inspections, and as an aid in research and development projects.

The most reliable and easiest quality control test requires a visual inspection. A look at hidden critical areas can avoid the need for dismantling equipment and possible damage to parts. Accurate evaluations of materials as well as reduced inspection times are some of the advantages of using WOLF borescopes.

The versatility of WOLF bore scopes led to worldwide acceptance and their daily use in a wide range of applications.
  • Optical cavity inspection
  • Preventative maintenance
  • Cost effective repair of damage
  • Quality control and non destructive tests in production
  • Early detection of corrosion
  • Production monitoring

Notable Advantages
WOLF produces a wide range of rigid borescopes with different diameters, working lengths, directions of view and fields of view. With the unsurpassed brilliance and image quality of WOLF borescopes, operators prefer to perform inspections with WOLF borescopes since they can work without eyestrain. The advantages of the superior image quality and brightness of WOLF borescopes are evident when camera systems are used for documentation purposes.

Features of The WOLF Borescopes
  • Unsurpassable image quality
  • Excellent mechanical quality
  • Long service life
  • Minimum damage sensitivity
  • Fast and cost-effective service

High Quality Keeping Costs to A Minimum
The excellent workmanship that goes into all WOLF borescopes guarantees few repairs and a long working life.
An internal non destructive test of structures or manufactured parts with a borescope, reduces inspection time and production costs. Our superior service completes our commitment to our customers. All our equipment is based on a modular design concept which means that damaged parts can be replaced or repaired quickly at any time.

Basic Equipment
A basic borescope system consists of:
  • A borescope
  • A light source
  • A light guide


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The System
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Handling - Accessories
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Optical Characteristics
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