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RICHARD WOLF Rigid Borescopes

High quality rigid borescopes for a variety of non destructive inspection requirements.

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standard rw rigid

Standard Borescopes

RICHARD WOLF standard rigid borescopes manufactured in a wide range of diameters, working lengths, directions of view and fields of view. 

Swivel Prism Borescopes

If an inspection requires more than one direction of view (55°, 90°, 120°), a swivel prism borescope may be just the answer. By adjusting the swivel prism, the direction of view can be changed for example to any direction between 55° forward oblique and 120° backwards during the inspection. The complete viewing field corresponds to 120°.
The prism of the swivel prism borescope is adjusted by a rack and pinion which is controlled by a steering wheel. The focus is adjusted at the eyepiece, the field of illumination is specially designed to ensure that the whole visual field is ideally illuminated.

The swivel prism borescopes with Ø 16 mm are extremely bright and therefore ideally suited for the ...

Extendable Borescope Ø 15 mm

The extendable borescope is a variable system of combinable endoscope components. The minimal configuration of on eyepiece tube.

Panoramic Borescopes

The panoramic borescope is used to inspect the surfaces of hydraulic or pneumatic cylinders or other cylindrical parts.
The panoramic prism allows the whole 360° circumference of a cylinder to be inspected. There is no need to rotate the borescope or the part. Inner surfaces, cross holes and grooves can be checked for faults or burrs at a glance.
When attached to a television system, this Borescope is suitable for serial inspection of cylinders. In conjunction with a WOLF RIWO lens, the borescope can be adapted to fil any normal commercially available video camera with a C-mount lens connector.

Mirror Sleeve Borescopes

The mirror sleeves are used to change the angle of view of 0°. Borescopes to 90°. This produces an inversion of the image.

By redirecting the light and Image via the mirror, even small rivets are illuminated without shadows.

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