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RICHARD WOLF Rigid Borescopes

High quality rigid borescopes for a variety of non destructive inspection requirements.
Richard WOLF Blending Scope

RICHARD WOLF Blending Borescopes

RICHARD WOLF manufactures borescopes specifically designed for the inspection of aircraft engines. 


RICHARD WOLF Video Probe Borescope Kits

Compact, portable 4mm video probe for borescope inspection needs.
standard flexible

MACHIDA Flexible Borescopes

MACHIDA flexible borescopes designed for a variety of non destructive testing inspection applications.
3mm small video probe

MACHIDA Video Probes Borescope Kits

MACHIDA 3mm compact and portable video probe kits.  Video Inspection systems allow multiple viewers to participate in an inspection while also permitting accurate, transferable documentation. 

  • Portable
  • High resolution
  • Ease of Use
light source rw

Light Sources for Borescope Systems

A variety of light sources in different Wattages and mediums.
tecam camera

Borescope Accessories

A wide range of accessories available for all models and manufacturers of borescopes including video adapters, guide tubes, light sources, cameras and capture systems are available.
Pipe Inspection

Pipe Inspection Borescope and Camera System

The CP-65 - 1" pipe inspection camera combines state of the art camera technology, cordless operation, compact portable and a rugged design.  This provides the ultimate value package for visual inspection.  Provides everything required to inspect piping 1 1/2" to 6" diameter.  The one inch mini camera head delivers a crystal clear image of any internal piping problem and is waterproof to a depth of 100feet.  Dual 12V rechargeable batteries allow for over 3 hours of cordless operation.  The TFT monitor provides brilliant picture quality which can be documented to electronic recording devices thru its RCA video output.  The 65 ft. distanced indicated push rod cable pinpoints the exact location of the problem. All this is packaged in a heavy duty carrying case, bringing all the rugged durability expected.

Borescope Rentals and Services

JME TECHNOLOGIES, INC. offers a complete line and selection of rental borescopes and On Site borescope inspection services and consulting.

Same day or next day borecope rentals with early morning deliveries are available. Borescope Digital capture and available on all units.

Every borescope rental to meet your borescope application.
In surrounding area of Chicago borescope rentals are offered same day delivery.

Certified repair services offered, and often loaner units available to keep you up and running. 


Used Borescopes

Demonstator models as well as used and refurbished borescopes available for quick delivery, representing a substantial savings over new borescopes. 

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